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      E. 39th Community Garden  

Dedicated to Empowerment and Wellness

In 2024  CIPTT is creating an ecosystem map and scavenger game of a circular economy for the E. 39th Community Garden that diagrams the effects of biodiversity, once bees, fruit trees and sunflowers were introduced, and the pollinators they attract. This project is funded under a grant from Ohio Environmental Education Fund (EPA). We are also expanding a rain capture and irrigation system under a grant from Cuyahoga SWCD Action Fund.

 In 2023 CIPTT  expanded  its reach to Charlotte, North Carolina, launching a project called "Claws, Paws and Hoof Angels," where we offer art and  animal therapy for young people managing mental health challenges special needs, PTSD, and disabilities.  This project complements founder Andrea Johnson's philanthropic work as a Guardian ad litem for foster children, and Mentoring through Churches 4 Kids in Mecklenburg County. 

In  2022 CIPTT instituted an Empowerment Program that enables resident entrepreneurs to run various operations of the garden, hiring resident interns  to learn  about garden maintenance and horticulture,  bee keeping, and animal therapy.  Recent projects included  conducting research on foraging edible weeds; establishing honey bee hives at the garden; and conducting testing in 50 Central households for environmental hazards such as lead, mold, dirty water, and carbon monoxide under a grant from Sisters of Charity Foundation. Our first class of entrepreneurs graduated in December 2023. 

In keeping with our vision to create a safe space for  to gather, exchange ideas, and work on projects that strengthen the community, we have installed a gazebo, ADA walkway, and Free Little Library for books that also include can goods. Our  goal and mission are to 

Empower Wellness in Central Together. 

Mission of CIPTT, Inc.

Center for I. P., Technology and Telecommunications, Inc. (CIPTT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation to create learning environments where young people can develop skills for STEM jobs and careers and to support educational institutions in devising technology learning tools for students, senior citizens and underserved populations. CIPPT will support programs and activities designed to train young people in marketable skills that create jobs and businesses that promote and sustain self-sufficiency, economic development, and independent living.

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Councilmember Cleveland dedicates the garden in memory of Juanita Gregory (1896-1986) whose family ran a grocery and ice cream parlor on the site in 1909.   Picture in the top right shows before and after beautification effort, and Garden Rules. 

Aeronauts 2000 Mission to Mars: Technology Links for Living in Space and Aging in Space

    Aeronauts 2000 Mission to Mars Project is challenging our  technology leaders of tomorrow to create tools to improve the lives of older adults and their families today. The project expands upon curriculum developed with NASA to develop an edutainment game experience to engage students in STEM subjects and to help them prepare for tomorrow’s jobs in an aging society. This is a project created by students for students, with significant benefits to seniors.